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Future world leaders are being trained right now, right here in our backyard. Columbus, is home to some of the greatest institutions of higher learning in the state of Ohio as well as the World. At Hope City, our aim to invade the space, so often neglected by the church and rescue young minds from the brainwashing of human secularism. As a ministry, we highly value the role of formal education and encourage people to pursue as God leads, however we realize that everything being taught in the education systems of our world is not correct! With this in mind, we host weekly bible studies and prayer meetings on campus at The Ohio State University. “TBOC” as we call it is, is an acronym for “The Bride of Christ”. Our goal is not only bring students into a family, but into a new lifestyle, where their educational goals are in sync with God’s plan for fixing our world. At Hope City, TBOC is at the heart and soul of everything. We believe our young adults needs to be invested into and should prioritized in all of our planning as a church family. Under the leadership of Robert Reid, TBOC continues to effectively serve as a disciple making ministry. To find out more, visit the TBOC Facebook page to stay up to date with all the latest happenings