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At the heart of the Gospel is the call to serve others. At Hope City, our aim is to be a people whose lives have been radically formed by the gospel. As scripture declares, “we are His Body”… His hands, feet, arms, and legs. Our involvement with His purpose is non-negotiable. We take the honor of serving people very seriously around here, and we do it with a smile and a willing heart! Getting involved with one of our many ministry opportunities is the quickest way to find community, meaning, and to help spur the Great Commission onward. As a growing church, there are several ways to plug in and we are always looking to add more opxportunities. Equally important to serving others is knowing why. If you desire to grow in your understanding of what outreach to others is all about, feel free to listen to the messages listed below to get a better feel for what we believe here at Hope City House of Prayer. Also, click this link to read about our “Core Values”,  the things which are distinctive out our family.

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